DANTOTSU Solutions

1. Autonomous Haulage System (AHS)

How Komatsu's Autonomous Haulage System Works

AHS is a remote-control system to run super-large driverless dump trucks based on the 930E/830E. AHS makes important contributions to mining operation by improving its safety, economy, productivity and environmental conservation, and is the world's first system of its kind, featuring Komatsu original technologies which are unrivaled by any other companies. AHS dump trucks (AHTs), installed with a high-precision GPS, obstacle detection sensors, various controllers and a wireless network system developed by Modular Mining Systems, Inc., are remotely controlled from the central control room for unmanned hauling in the segregated area for AHS operation. Information on target hauling routes and speed is sent automatically from the central control room to AHTs via the wireless network system, and they run on the target courses at the target speed by assessing their own position via GPS and dead-reckoning navigation systems.
Manned loaders, such as hydraulic excavators and wheel loaders, are also equipped with GPS for the fleet management system to determine the position of their buckets, and the fleet management system automatically guides AHTs to the designated loading site. The system also sends information concerning a route to the unloading site to ensure safe and precise unloading.
The fleet management system also controls AHTs and monitors real-time position of manned machines, such as loaders, bulldozers, motor graders and service vehicles, to ensure safety and effective collaboration in the AHS controlled area. If another vehicle comes close to AHTs in operation, the obstacle detection sensors on AHT detect it and the concerned AHT will make an emergency stop for safety.


SMARTCONSTRUCTION is a solutions business, launched by Komatsu in Japan in 2015, designed to solve problems of construction jobsite operations. KomConnect, an open platform and the key element of SMARTCONSTRUCTION, connects information about all vital elements at jobsites, such as workers and things (machines and ground conditions) through ICT, analyzes them, engages in simulations, and even makes proposals.
All related people can access KomConnect anytime from smart phones, tablets, monitors installed in the intelligent Machine Control models, and PCs in the office to use different kinds of stored information. Furthermore, the stereo camera installed in the machine continuously conducts high-speed and high-precision measurement of surrounding ground conditions at all times.
Komatsu's intelligent Machine Control models obtain and send data concerning real-time ground conditions to KomConnect for storage, as they work. Similarly, their stereo camera sends data about other areas. Constantly changing real-time ground data is automatically compared with site condition data surveyed by drones (UAVs) and with 3D completion drawing data. As a result, customers can improve construction efficiency and manage accuracy of the item being built while improving conditions of overall construction.
Through SMARTCONSTRUCTION and together with customers, Komatsu will continue to work to achieve safe and high-productivity jobsites of the future.