Disaster Relief

Komatsu's products, starting with construction equipment, are a necessity in the recovery and rebuilding process when a natural disaster has occurred. When such an event occurs, we support disaster recovery in practical ways, such as quickly assessing the situation in the affected area and providing the equipment and supplies needed. The latest support provided are as follows:

Kumamoto Earthquake in April 2016

Komatsu provided 20 boxes of “unit-house” (covering about 260m2) to the Town Hall of Mashiki-machi as a temporary office, because the Town Hall was damaged by the Kumamoto Earthquake, and its operation was impeded.
These unit houses were utilized not only as a temporary office, meeting space and resident service counter space but also as a polling station at the time of the Lower House elections in July 2016.

Unit houses set up in the Town Hall's parking space / A message from KOMATSU posted beside the entrance door

22.7 million yen worth of contributions collected by a fund-raising drive among our employees and monetary donations from our suppliers were offered to the quake victims and municipalities.
One of the recipients of such donations, KATARIBA, a NPO, has been working to resolve the social issue where children’s ability to thrive can be circumvented by their environments. Children and students should be able to study regardless of their parents’ income or areas they live. The group opened a “Collabo-School” in an area ravaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake to provide after-school educational opportunities or mental care to the children that had been deprived of a safe learning environment. A similar school was also set up in Mashiki, Kumamoto, to aid children growing to lead future restoration of their community.
Graduates at the Collabo School visited Komatsu this March to extend their thanks and talk about visions of their future careers.

A thank-you letter was presented by Collabo-School graduates.