Accomplishments and Approaches for Social Contribution Activities

Komatsu believes that, in addition to their main business, it is the responsibility of businesses to conduct “Social Contribution Activities” in the local community where they do business. In our social contribution activities, we emphasize themes that make the most of the know-how which have been cultivated in our main business.

Basic Approaches to Social Contribution (from “Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct”)

“Specific elements of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) may differ from country to country, from region to region or from one business to another. However, regardless of such differences in detail, the key question remains the same for companies to co-exist in harmony with society, that is, how to respond to the expectations from society, and thus gain trust from society. As already stated, it is Komatsu Group's world-wide common principle that Komatsu should fulfill its corporate social responsibilities through its own business operations. On top of that, we also acknowledge that a company, as a good corporate citizen, should live up to the expectations of the society by promoting harmonious relations with, and contributing to the benefit of, the community in which it operates. Accordingly, we shall be proactively and continuously engaged in regional activities for social contribution as part of our corporate social responsibility.”

Social Contribution 5 Basic Principles (from “Komatsu’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct”)


To clarify the responsibilities of Komatsu Group and its employees as members of the local community and guide their activities for social contribution accordingly.

Principles: Activities for social contribution should:

  • have continuity;
  • contribute to the advancement of public welfare;
  • be chosen voluntarily (not forced);
  • be reasonable to employees; and
  • not be designed to advertise our products or services.

Social Contribution Expenditures of the Komatsu Group

Results of Komatsu’s social contributions divided and summarized into 6 general categories are as per below.