Komatsu's Initiatives for the Social Issues

The world has various social issues depending on each area.

As Komatsu develops business on a global scale, we listen to the opinions of the people who live in each area and conduct support activities to improve the living standards of the people in the local community. We believe that conducting such social contribution activities is the responsibility of those doing business in that area.


Local Community Development (Komatsu Indonesia Foundation)

Ceremony of donating educational materials to a child education facility

In June 2006, Yayasan Komatsu Indonesia Peduli (YKIP) was established with a view to consolidating Komatsu’s CSR activities in Indonesia. Its operating expenses are covered by interests accruing on the deposit made by Komatsu Indonesia at the time of incorporation and monetary donations from the company and other groups.
YKIP operates in the following three areas of activity:

  1. Development of local communities
    Income generation, public facilities improvement, public sanitary improvement, health enhancement and other social programs
  2. Educational support
    Scholarships, internships, plant tours, assistance in education, skill development, etc.
  3. Humanitarian support
    Post-disaster reconstruction support, native community support, etc.


Nurturing Welding Engineers (Komatsu Manufacturing Russia, LLC)

Training of welding skills

A welding engineer training course has opened at a university in Jaroslavl where Komatsu Manufacturing Russia, LLC is located, and employees of the company provide technical support towards the students. Students who have acquired technical skills in this course have participated in Championship of central part of Russia, an international skills competition.

This activity contributes to improving the educational standards in Jaroslavi, facilitating communication with local communities.


Hosting Children's Plant Tours (Komatsu India)

School children learning safety, 5S & other good practices

Komatsu India hosts plant tours for children from local schools.
Inviting school children to plant tours offers them an opportunity to learn about the concept of manufacturing and also the values of safety and 5S, Seiri (sort), Seiton (set in order), Seiso (shine), Seiketsu(standardize) and Shitsuke (sustain). This activity also enables the company to develop and maintain the relationships with local communities. Students receive educational kits which will support them for their daily educational needs and they also gain access to the company cafeteria in the plant.
Komatsu India also contributes to educating youths of local communities in collaboration with local colleges and research institutions.


Assisting Female Workers at Construction Sites (Komatsu Rental)

To address one of the female workers’ biggest concerns at construction sites, Komatsu developed on-site temporary toilet units designed exclusively for women. The temporary toilet units incorporate features suggested by female users, such as a dressing space and a sound imitating device.
This effort is meant to foster a better working environment for women in the construction industry which is facing a labor shortage due to aging of society.

Also, ”Comfort Toilet Units” should be useful not only on construction sites but in times of natural disasters as well.