Environmental Report 2017

Independent Practitioner's Assurancecheckmark

Message from Top Management

We are strengthening and promoting environmental endeavors based on the Komatsu Way.

Special Story: Komatsu's Connected Plants

We are promoting efficient production and CO2 reduction by IoT.

Pursuing Environmental Management

We indicate Komatsu's approach to the environment.

Mitigating Climate Change through Products and Services

We indicate Komatsu's approach to the climate change.

Initiatives to Mitigate Climate Change in Business Operations

We indicate Komatsu's approach to the climate change.

Promoting Recycling

We are promoting effective use of resources to form a recycling-oriented society.

Environmental Risk Management

We are observing regulations and managing and reducing chemical substances to prevent environmental pollution.

Initiatives that Deal with Biodiversity

Recognizing the impact on ecosystems, we are working on preserving biodiversity.


We show the topics on environmental and social activities.