Komatsu's Relationship with the Environment

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Komatsu promotes environmentally-friendly activities throughout the entire Group to realize its vision of "What Komatsu Can Do and What It Must Do" for the environment and sustainable development.

In recognition of the fact that our business activities affect the environment on a regional and global level, we, at Komatsu, have placed the focus on the following four key areas:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Establishment of a Sound Material-Cycle Society
  3. Conservation of Air, Water and Other Natural Resources as well as Management of Chemical Substances
  4. Biodiversity

In line with the Komatsu Earth Environment Charter revised in 2010, the Komatsu Group embarks on global initiatives across business areas guided by the fundamental principles of

  • Contributions to Realization of Sustainable Society,
  • Simultaneous Realization of Environmental and Economic Performance, and
  • Observance of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Relationship of the Komatsu Group's Business Activities with the Environment