Water Related Risk Management

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Based on the Earth Environment Charter, up to the first half of FY2015 Komatsu Group has worked on:

  1. Promoting the reduction in usage amount (input) and the recycling (circulation) of water.
  2. Activities centered on water quality conservation.

However, in response to the frequency of weather abnormalities and societal demand (2015/1 Water Crisis named as number one risk at Davos Forum, etc.), from the second half of 2015 "Water Related Risk Evaluation Committee" was newly established, and after six months of study, conducted a "Water Related Risk Survey" with the main domestic and international affiliates as subjects.

Results from the Water Related Risk Survey (conducted at 45 global affiliates/divisions in January 2016)

Water related risk as Komatsu Group

  1. Effect of heavy rain on operations/business
  2. Risk of pollution from drainage
  3. Effect of river flood on the supply chain

Based on the above results, as Komatsu Group's policies related to water, from FY2016—along with continuing our previous activities—we are newly promoting "Water Related Risk Reduction Activities" in order to minimize as much as possible the effects of water related problems on the business of Komatsu Group.

Domestic Example Case (Oyama and Tochigi Plants)

As a measure against heavy rain, on the plant premises we are building three reservoirs that can hold up to an hour's worth of 100mm/h rainfall, as well as installing heavy rainfall water pipes, building underground reservoirs, and widening the rainwater drainage ways. Also, in order to prevent water flowing outside of the premises, we are installing water block walls and water stop bars.

* The reservoir is also serving to alleviate the surrounding district's lack of drainage capacity.

  1. Oyama Plant 20,000 tons and 10,000 tons reservoirs (completed)
  2. Oyama Plant 4,000 tons reservoir (under construction) and Tochigi Plant 12,000 reservoir (planning stage)

International Example Case (KRI: Komatsu Reman Indonesia)

The following measures are in place to prevent river flood water from coming into KRI premises.

  1. Installation of concrete wall
  2. Installation of emergency door for employees
  3. Installation of floodgate
  4. Installation of new drainage system
  5. Installation of drainage gate
  6. Installation of pump for floods

Also, the "Water Related Risk Survey" has been conducted with our main supply chain company (Midori-kai) and they have been working with us on our "Water Related Risk Reduction Activities" from FY2017.