Dialogue with Our Stakeholders

Creating a Variety of Dialogue Opportunities

Engaging in dialogues with our stakeholders is essential for determining the relative effectiveness of Komatsu's management and business in meeting social needs. Every department that has direct contact with our stakeholders is creating opportunities to lay out our company's current situation, receive feedback, and engage in useful discussions.

Stakeholders Purposes Examples of Meetings and Activities Frequency

Collaborate to realize customers' goals and fulfill corporate responsibility


Collaborate to resolve issues in society and in the regions we operate, participate in local activities



Business Partners

President explains business performance, policies and strategies

3 times a year

Conduct safety patrols and provide opportunities such as for support of efforts for obtaining certification


As needed


President explains business performance, policies and strategies

Distributor meetings in each region (U.S., Europe, China and Southeast Asia)



President explains business performance, policies and strategies


As needed

Dialogue with the labor union and employee representatives to improve the workplace environment

Regular Meetings between Management and Labor Union

As needed

Local Community

Explanation of initiatives related to operations, the environment and safety

Meetings with residents of the local community near the plant

As needed

Activities to resolve local issues based on employee suggestions

Voluntary activities by employees


Industry-Academia Collaboration Partners

Exchange of ideas and opinions between representatives such as university professors and the Chief Technology Officer

  • Komatsu Science and Technology Collaboration Council



CEO and CFO explains business performance, policies and strategies

  • IR Meeting in Japan, U.S. and Europe

Japan: Daily U.S. and Europe: Annually

Respond to inquiries and SRI surveys


Individual Shareholders

CEO and CFO explains business performance, policies and strategies

2—3 times a year, held in major cities in Japan

Plant tours and explanation of operations

About twice a year in Japan

Joint Programs with Stakeholders

Partnership with customers at Komatsu Brasil International Ltda.

In 2016, Komatsu Brasil International Ltda. (KBI) started a training course for construction equipment mechanics as part of the SENAI program (industrial on-the-job training program administered by the Brazilian government) in partnership with Anglo American.
A technical training session on the maintenance of Komatsu equipment was conducted for 30 local trainees in the city of Conceição do Mato Dentro, where Anglo American runs a mining business, to build up their technical skills. As a consequence, two graduates were employed by KBI. This program has been welcomed broadly for its potential benefit not only to Komatsu and Anglo American but other enterprises and local communities as well.

A trainee fabricating a dump truck mockup
Training at an Anglo American’s mining site