Organization to Promote CSR

The CSR Department reports directly to the president, and the CSR Committee chaired by the president provides opportunities for top management to take part in regular discussions on the direction of Komatsu's CSR strategy. Policies for each activity and related issues are discussed by the CSR Steering Committee, which mainly consists of executive officers in supervisory positions and is entrusted with governance functions particularly with respect to the implementation of social contribution activities.

Our CSR activities are one and the same as our daily business activities, and we engage in them through dedicated divisions and committees organized at all Group companies. With respect to our major overseas subsidiaries, we communicate with staff responsible for CSR activities on a daily basis and share information in an effort to bolster our organization and promote CSR activities in each region.

Reinforcement of Our CSR Systems

Evaluation Tools for CSR Activities

We evaluate new initiatives to determine whether they are beneficial both to Komatsu's business and to our stakeholders. Particularly with respect to social contribution activities (donations), we have been monitoring their effectiveness as CSR activities since FY2013 by using the Check Sheet we created to assess quantitative effects from these two perspectives and by having the CSR Steering Committee, consisting of executive officers involved in CSR, evaluate the content.

Global Information Sharing

Until recently, we regularly conducted questionnaires to collect information on the CSR activities we have undertaken around the world. In FY2015, we launched a bulletin board on our corporate intranet to provide daily updates and facilitate information sharing globally.

We plan to increase the amount of practical information available on the bulletin board toward developing it as a work-ready tool for staff on the frontlines of our CSR activities.

Global CSR Meeting

In January 2017, managers in charge of CSR from the global Komatsu Group gathered in Tokyo to attend its first Global CSR Meeting. A total of 35 participants from 16 countries got together at the Komatsu head office to have a 2.5-day session of animated discussions. Active two-way communication at the conference included sharing the best practices of CSR activities being undertaken by local companies in the world, mutually identifying issues involved in driving these activities and exploring directions in upcoming approaches, as well as presenting Komatsu’s CSR policies and guidelines from the head office.

We will periodically hold this kind of meeting which brings us a great opportunity to build up global teamwork.