Brand Management Initiatives

What are Brand Management Initiatives?

Become Invaluable to Our Customers, who Both Create and Assess Our Corporate Value

Komatsu embodies this concept in our statement that “our corporate value is the total sum of trust given to us by society and all stakeholders.” We have made raising the company's corporate value the basic stance of management. If we group our various stakeholders into those who create corporate value and those who evaluate corporate value, the former role would fall to employees, business partners, and sales and after-sales service agents, and the latter would include society, shareholders, investors and the media. As we see it, only our customers take on both of these roles. Customers create and assess our corporate value and feed the result back to us. “Heightening the trust placed in us from our customers” was then defined as “increasing the degree to which our company is indispensable to our customers and as a result continues to be selected as the partner of choice.” Initiatives in this regard for brand management activities have been underway since 2007.

Realizing Our Customers' Vision and Mission “from the Customer's Perspective”

Komatsu's basic policy regarding brand management activities is “from the customer's perspective.” People often think that marketing activities are about ways to differentiate one's products from those of competitors, and about positioning oneself in the market. However, this is not the case. Acting from the customer's perspective refers to the ideal and the mission of discovering what customers want and of responding to these needs.

To realize this, we are engaged in activities designed to develop and improve our own management resources and capabilities on an ongoing basis. In the past, these initiatives tended to rely on experience and intuition, but in the context of Komatsu's brand management activities, we are now using a variety of tools and methods to develop case studies and accumulate know-how to pass on to the next generation.

Recent Activities and Future Plans

Global Brand Management Convention (Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture, October 2016)

When we began in FY2007, the scope of our activities was limited to Japan, North America, Chile, South Africa and Australia. By FY2013, we had expanded these activities to include China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Brazil, Oman, the Commonwealth of Independent States, and the forestry business. In FY2011, we declared our approach as the KOMATSU Way of relating to customers by compiling the “KOMATSU Way of Brand Management.”

In FY2016, the tenth anniversary year, in addition to holding a global Brand Management Convention in Japan, regional meetings were held in the 5 regions of North America, Europe, Russia, China and Japan (national). With our brand management initiatives having reached a major milestone, hereafter we plan on adding initiatives for each industry classification (mining, quarrying, etc.) as experimental activities. And, while working to heighten customer trust, we are strengthening our capabilities of employees who get involved in the initiatives and improving our organizational performances.