Diversity Initiatives

Komatsu recognizes diversity as a significant corporate advantage, Komatsu respects the basic human rights of every employee and strives to offer career development opportunities that enable each individual to fully demonstrate their abilities with a sense of fulfillment and pride.

Komatsu's Approach to Diversity

  • Diversity of individuals:
    Nationality, race, age, gender, disability, socio-economic status, and more

Promoting Women’s Careers

Approach and Goals

Komatsu is actively promoting various measures such as proactive employment and development of women as well as creating an environment where women can maintain a career after child bearing. With the 3 year mid-range management plan “Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide: Growth Toward Our 100th Anniversary (2021) and Beyond” which started in April 2016, we have set and begun working towards the goal of having a ratio of women in management of 7% by April 2018 and 10% by April 2021.

Systems and Status in FY2016

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As human resources development programs for female employees, Komatsu has been continuously providing a career plan seminar to think about their future careers and ways of working, and a CDP (Career Development Program) where they make mid/long-term career plans with supervisors since 2015. Also, Komatsu has started networking workshops for female employees collaborating with similar scale companies in Japan. In addition, female employees have opportunities to exchange opinions with manager level personnel for the purpose of creating mutual understandings. As a flexible way of working, the system of home teleworking has been spread out since the launch of the scheme in 2014. And Komatsu is pursuing further improvement in creating an environment that makes easier for employees who raise children to continue working by offering opportunities such as “Discussion Sessions on Balancing Work and Child-care” to which participants can bring their own children, and child-care services at the KOMATSU WAY Global Institute located in Komatsu City, Ishikawa.
Also, in order to have female students searching for jobs to get well acquainted with Komatsu, we are being proactive in hiring activities for women such as discussion meetings for each job category, holding career and networking events in cooperation with outside groups and schools for women engineers.
In terms of external recognition, Komatsu was selected for the third year in a row as a Nadeshiko Brand company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange as a listed company that excels in promoting career development for women. The commendation noted the number of women in managerial positions at Komatsu, including executive officers, and the company's work-life balance initiative for actively promoting employee childcare and nursing care leaves regardless of gender.


  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Number (ratio) of women employed

1,203 (11.1%)

1,239 (11.5%)

1,281 (12.0%)

Number (ratio) of women in management positions

66 (4.0%)

80 (4.6%)

94 (5.5%)

Number (ratio) of women in executive positions

2 (4.7%)

2 (4.2%)

2 (4.2%)

Number (ratio) of women hired

21 (10.8%)

28 (17.4%)

29 (17.5%)

  • All based on Komatsu (non-consolidated). The number employed and the ratio is of new college graduates, data as of April 1.

Promoting Globalized Management

Approach and Goals

Komatsu has placed top priority on localized management and is developing locally-hired employees into business leaders who will be able to hold top management positions at overseas subsidiaries. Local nationals take leadership positions at our major subsidiaries. For situations where Japanese managers still hold the top local post, our goal is to develop local candidates to whom the baton of executive leadership can be gradually passed. To this end, the primary role of staff with extensive experience at Komatsu (commonly Japanese) provide in communicating the KOMATSU Way—Komatsu's approach to management, technology and skills—in overseas locations and serve as a bridge between Komatsu in Japan and subsidiaries overseas.

Systems and Status in FY2016

Human Resource Development

Since FY2006, Global Management Seminars have been conducted annually for local nationals in executive positions at overseas subsidiaries to present and discuss information including Komatsu's management policies, the KOMATSU Way and business strategies. In FY2016, the seminar was held in December with the participation of 10 executives representing subsidiaries in 8 countries: United States, UK, Italy, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, India, and South Africa. The overall objective has been to deepen understanding of the KOMATSU Way based on Komatsu's corporate history, and of the company's approach to production, marketing and development, so that participants will be able to clearly convey the information in “their own words”.
We also provide Global Management Training for selected employees to develop executive candidates capable of holding global leadership roles. About 10 general managers in Japan and top managers at overseas subsidiaries with potential are selected every year for enrollment in short-term courses at international business schools. In FY2016, 9 individuals attended training at business schools in the United States, England, France and Switzerland.

Management System

In order to effectively promote global management, Komatsu runs various global meetings, including the Komatsu Global Executive Meeting convened for the top management of all Komatsu Group companies in Japan and overseas, management committees for each region and business area, and other meetings for specific purposes, such as the Quality Meeting; Occupational Safety, Health & Environmental Affairs Meeting; and Legal Meeting.
Also, for even further development, from FY2016, a Global Officer System—composed of executives of the main overseas subsidiaries—will be established. In addition to appointing top management personnel from the main overseas subsidiaries as executive officers, 14 of them will be appointed as executive officers who are to participate in Komatsu’s important meeting body.


  Overall Local nationals
Number of Executive Officers



Number of Global Officers



  • As of April 1, 2017

Employing Persons with Disabilities

Approach and Goals

Komatsu actively seeks to employ persons with disabilities across the Group. Our goal is to achieve an employment ratio of 2.3% on a consolidated basis (the current statutory employment ratio is 2.0%) for the Group in Japan by April 2018.
In April 2008, Komatsu established the Business Creation Center (BCC) within the Human Resources Department in Japan as a dedicated organizational entity for promoting the hiring of persons with disabilities. Persons with mental or developmental disabilities are employed by the BCC in nine business units in japan. Advisors are assigned to each business unit to provide training and advice on daily tasks. Each BCC staff member meets with an advisor every six months to discuss goals, instead of simply handling a delimited set of tasks. Linking salary to individual performance assessments, we encourage employees with disabilities to work on their goals toward achieving independence and self-reliance.
Through these efforts Komatsu is not merely focused on achieving a targeted employment ratio; it is seeking to create a workplace that provides a sense of fulfillment for all individuals, and where employees with disabilities work alongside other staff members.

Status in FY2017

As of April 2017, the employment ratio of persons with disabilities is 2.68% (Komatsu Ltd.). As for BCC, there are 103 people working at 9 business units. With the expansion of its organization, BCC has taken on matters that had previously been outsourced, as well as tasks that had been taking up time and effort internally, and thereby contributed to the efficiency and cost cutting for the company as a whole.


  FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Employment ratio of persons with disabilities




Number of BCC locations




Number of BCC staff members




  • Data is for Komatsu Ltd. As of April 1st.

Promoting Hiring of Retired Employees

Approach and Goals

As the aging of Japanese society accelerates, Komatsu is committed to maintaining its efforts to hire more elderly workers.
Komatsu(non-consolidate) introduced a re-employment program in 2006 and revised this system from April 2013 so that as a general rule all those who desire to do so can work until the age of 65. We also established a Second Career Support Program for employees who desire to play an active part outside the group, and we provide training opportunities, paid leaves and monetary aid.


  FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Number of retired employees




Number of retired employees who were rehired by Group companies





A Practice in CSR at Komatsu Germany (KG) GmbH: Supporting Independence of Persons with Disabilities

Sixteen workers have found employment at KG so far through the medium of two institutions (“Werkstatt für angepasste Arbeit” and “Annastift”) that support the financial independence of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities by introducing talents to private enterprises in Germany. They are engaged in tasks like post office, packing etc. under the support from other KG employees as supervisors in daily work.

Aiming at encouraging the financial independence of persons with disabilities through their engagement in practical working process at an enterprise, this sustainable program benefits both workers with disabilities and the company which employs them, as it not only aids KG in its business operation but offers a great stimulus to workers with disabilities.