The KOMATSU Way is a statement of values that all workers in the Komatsu Group, including those at every level of management, should pass down in a lasting way at their workplaces. By holding these values in common, employees of the Group can build global teamwork that transcends nationalities and generations to amass and fortify the Group's workplace (gemba) capabilities—the dynamism of all workers and the entire organization—plus the ability to improve their own workplaces. This in turn enhances quality and reliability, heightening the trust given to the Group by society and all stakeholders.

System and Status in FY2016

The KOMATSU Way is based on the corporate strengths that Komatsu has cultivated over time. To disseminate the KOMATSU Way to Group companies across the world, focusing around the KOMATSU Way Global Institute, Komatsu is conducting various dissemination and human resource development activities.

We deepen the employees' understanding and comprehension of the KOMATSU Way by applying it to their training and setting up opportunities for exposition and group debate. Regular sessions are convened at workplaces to explain this way of thinking and have employees relate stories of their own experiences so that communication between different generations is stimulated, which allows for this knowledge to be handed down and rooted in the younger generation. To promote the KOMATSU Way at Group companies outside Japan and help this foundation take root, Komatsu has made the KOMATSU Way easy to understand and relevant to local conditions, while being mindful of the differences among customs and cultures.

In 2011, Komatsu distributed a revised edition of the KOMATSU Way that was officially acknowledged in 2006, to all Group employees. The revisions included making the established values and way of thinking easier to understand, increasing the number of case studies discussed, and adding Komatsu's approach to brand management.

In FY2016, to disseminate the KOMATSU Way to Group companies across the world, we have focused on holding training sessions in the areas where KOMATSU Way trainings had yet to be delivered, such as Australia and India. In addition, we are working on putting together a North American version of “narratives of KOMATSU Way experiences”. Although the philosophy of the KOMATSU Way was born and refined in Japan, it does not only represent the ways how Japanese/Japan behaves. The narratives of KOMATSU Way experiences is expected to become a shared tool to show the KOMATSU Way is pervasive and effectively used in the daily operations of our subsidiaries all over the world.

Also, in Japan, we have reviewed the training courses so that all different levels of trainings, including new employee training, can be taken by employees from all Komatsu Group companies. In this way, whatever company employees belong to, or whatever job they are in charge of, they can learn skills and philosophy which all Komatsu Group employees should acquire. KOMATSU Way and QC (Quality Control: comprehensive quality control) are fundamental for every Komatsu Group employees, therefore we will continue to spread them out to our employees.


Educational Training that pertains to KOMATSU Way

Name of Training Course Course participants Aim Training dates Number of participants/cases
Education for top management personnel of overseas subsidiaries
(Global Management Seminar)

Overseas subsidiaries’ management level personnel or candidates

To train up managers at overseas subsidiaries who understand the KOMATSU Way and can talk about it in their own words


10 people

Education for mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries
(KOMATSU Way Leadership Development Program)

Mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries expected to be responsible for the core business/functions

To train up local leaders who will understand and practice KOMATSU Way

July, 2016 (Australia)
February, 2017 (India)

21 people (Australia)
24 people (India)

KOMATSU Way Expert Development Program

Mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries with aptitude

To train up ‘evangelists’ responsible for spreading the KOMATSU Way in overseas subsidiaries

July, 2016 (Australia)

20 people (Australia)

QC Training

Mid-level managers of overseas subsidiaries with aptitude

To promote understanding of QC at overseas subsidiaries

July, 2016 (Australia)
November, 2016 (USA)
February, 2017 (India)

22 people (Australia)
27 people (USA)
16 people (India)

Training by Job Level

New employees, assistant managers, newly appointed executives, etc.

To promote the understanding and practice of KOMATSU Way

Year round

1,383 people

All Komatsu QC Convention

Representatives of domestic and oversea Komatsu Group companies

To present improvement activities as OJT and strengthen awareness of KOMATSU Way practices

November, 2016 (Osaka Plant)

About 1,000 people

The KOMATSU Way—History of Dissemination Activities