Theme 1 : Enhancing Quality of Life

Product Safety - Increasing Safety by Innovation -

We support the improvement of safety by providing safe products and services.

Quality and Reliability
- Responsible Commitment to Customers -

Our mindset and structure to deliver our "Quality and Reliability" to customers.

Occupational Safety and Health

Occupational safety and health is a vital focus in Komatsu's business operations.

Special Story:
Leading the Way at Awazu Plant

Collaboration with local communities to come up with ways by which our electricity consumption should be governed.

Feature Article:
KMC’s Environmental Sustainability Program

Introducing environmental activites at KMC.

Pursuing Environmental Management

We indicate Komatsu's approach to the environment.

Mitigating Climate Change

We indicate Komatsu's initiatives to the climate change.

Promoting Recycling

We are promoting effective use of resources to form a recycling-oriented society.