2016Komatsu Opens Asia Training & Demonstration Center in Thailand: Also Reinforcing Asian Business with Human Resources

Nov. 25, 2016

Komatsu Ltd. (hereinafter "Komatsu") (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) has recently opened the Asia Training & Demonstration Center in Thailand to reinforce its training capability for distributors in Asia. In November this year, Komatsu began training there.
Komatsu has a network of 13 distributors in 20 countries of Asia, keeping the top market share* in Asia. As part of strengthening Asian business in its mid-range management plan launched in the current fiscal year, Komatsu is adding to its powerful support for distributors' human resource development in order to further reinforce its business foundation for the future, and therefore opened the Center for Asian distributors.
Located in Chachoengsao Province, about 60km east of Bangkok, the Center occupies an area of about 77,000 m2. The Center offers a variety of training programs, such as for sales, parts, service, and machine operation, needed for distributors of Komatsu construction equipment and forklift trucks. Equipped always with over 20 different models, the Center meets a wide range of uses, from product and technical trainings for distributors, to machine demonstration and trials, as well as operator training for end-customers to promote sales. Komatsu plans to accommodate over 2,000 trainees and customers annually from March 2017.
Komatsu operates 19 training centers in 16 countries worldwide. Komatsu will transfer its training know-how, nurtured in Japan and overseas, to the Center to the fullest extent and implement strong support for the human resource development of Asian distributors, thereby contributing to further growth of distributors.

* Based on Komatsu's research

[Outline of Asia Training & Demonstration Center]
Name: Asia Training & Demonstration Center
Address:10/9 Moo 5, Tambon Tha Sa-An, Aumpher Bang Pakong, Chachoengsao, Thailand 24130
Ground area: 77,392m2
Main facilities: Workshop (for technical training of maintenance and repairs of actual products), machine demonstration and operator training area, actual products, classrooms, multi-purpose hall, viewing seats (for machine demonstration), and lounge
Investment: JPY2.5 billion
No. of employees: 16 persons

Note: Asia Training & Demonstration Center is affiliated with Komatsu Parts Asia Co., Ltd., a Komatsu subsidiary in Thailand.

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