1. KOMTRAX (Komatsu Machine Tracking System) for construction equipment

How KOMTRAX works

KOMTRAX is a machine tracking system whose terminals are installed on construction equipment to transmit information concerning the location, cumulative hours of operation and operating condition of vehicles.
By proactively using information gained from KOMTRAX-equipped machines, Komatsu is making a contribution in respect to after-sale support activities for our customers' machines throughout their lifetime, resulting in enhanced availability and lowered maintenance cost.

2. “KOMTRAX Plus” Mining Equipment Management System

Komatsu machine management system:KOMTRAX Plus & KOMTRAX Plus Database

KOMTRAX Plus is a fleet management system for large equipment for use in mining, which enables to obtain detailed information concerning the conditions of machines via satellite communications. Komatsu and distributors can analyze “vehicle health” and other operating conditions and provide the information to jobsite using the Internet from a remote location on a near-real time basis. As a result, customers can receive vehicle maintenance on an appropriate timing to avoid major technical trouble, and thus reduce their maintenance expenses and downtime costs.