Collaboration with Cummins Inc.

More effective results can be expected from CSR activities based on collaborations than from activities conducted alone, as we can use each other's human resources, know-how and resources, etc. In promoting social contribution activities in the past, Komatsu has collaborated with entities like NPO organizations that have their own unique know-how. And in April 2016, we have made a contract with our business partner, Cummins Inc. of U.S., to collaborate on the development of local human resources.

Komatsu and Cummins' Common Objective

Komatsu and Cummins Inc., a major engine manufacturer in the U.S., have been building a strong trust relationship over the years as partners in the engine business.

Our two companies have both been putting energy into supporting human resources development in local communities as part of their social contribution activities, and already have collaborated in several areas. Based on this contract, we will globally expand our development of human resources by comprehensively utilizing each other's resources and best practices.

Cummins Profile

Corporate name

Cummins Inc.




Columbus, Indiana, U.S.

Business segments

Engine, Power systems, Components, Distribution


Komatsu-Cummins Collaboration Program - A case in Australia -

Out of its sympathy with the philosophy and activities of Technical Education for Communities (TEC), a community education program being driven by Cummins across the globe, Komatsu has developed a variety of collaboration programs, including an effort launched in Australia in 2015.

TEC is dedicated to closing technical skill gaps among the associated vocational training institutions by building a standard infrastructure that helps them create technical curriculums, nurture trainers, introduce the kind of jobs students need and conduct hands-on training programs.

Activities underway in Australia span its four states of Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. In 2016, three programs were started, and five programs will be launched in 2017 (targeting 112 students).

Designed to help local youths acquire software and practical skills systematically by the time they complete courses, the programs allow them to choose their future career at their own option once they get fully trained and technically competent.

A workshop opened in Clontarf, Western Austratia