Clearing Anti-Personnel Landmines and Reconstruction Support (Latest activities)

Since 2008, Komatsu has partnered with the Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS), a certified NPO, to support demining activities in areas of Cambodia and Angola that suffer from damages caused by anti-personnel landmines, which also includes reconstruction work as part of this community development project. The demining machines and construction machinery, developed using our company's technical expertise and manufacturing knowledge, are being put to full use in this endeavor.

We demined about 1,500ha of land in Cambodia and constructed 50km of roads in nine villages, bringing the total number of operating hours for the demining machinery introduced in 2008 to a cumulative total of approximately 8,000 hours.

Last September, members of Midori-kai, an association of Komatsu suppliers, visited Cambodia on an overseas tour to observe demining sites and a local elementary school. In line with this visit, wells and water tanks were donated to the school, which are used not only by the school children and the faculty but also by the local residents as well.
The eighth in the series of elementary schools that has been built by this project so far, this school was constructed by Muroto Industrial Co., Ltd (Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture), a member of Midori-kai, with contributions from its employees and a donation from the company, in commemoration of its 80th anniversary of founding.

Muroto Komatsu Chork Kongle Elementary School, the eighth in the series, had a school opening ceremony in May.


Results of Demining and Reconstruction Support Activities in Cambodia (Cumulative)

Item Result (Cumulative Total by FY2016)
Demined area


Road construction


Schools constructed

8 (about 600 school children)

Komatsu's demining machine
Komatsu's construction machinery developing infrastructures

We started support of unexploded bomb disposal activities in Laos last August.
In Laos, about 36% of the land is contaminated by unexploded bombs, many of which are cluster submunitions and every year children and farmers are getting hurt.
While the project aimed at mechanizing the work of disposing of cluster submunitions has been driven in the initiative of UXO-LAO, a Lao unexploded bomb disposal squad, and Japan Mine Action Service (JMAS), Komatsu has rented necessary equipment to the project charge-free, along with engineering support.
Komatsu has leveraged its expertise and skills to develop an unexploded bomb disposal machine based on the hydraulic excavator PC130-8 to remove 626 exploded bombs in the first year, restoring 88ha of safe land.

Machine developed based on a hydraulic excavator (for handling unexploded bombs)
Cluster submunition

Komatsu employees visit schools in Japan to give lectures and share details about these activities with younger generations, from elementary school children to university students. In FY2016, classes were held at 10 elementary schools and junior high schools.

After a classroom presentation that was held for second graders at a junior high school in February, one student wrote: “Haven’t you ever worried about your own life before making international contributions? Didn’t you care about your life for the sake of saving the people? I wish I could think that way”, while another commented: “I would like to learn from the courageous act of daring to visit a mine-planted country to save many people’s lives rather than to avert that country just because of its danger.” We will continue to offer visiting lectures to inspire young people who are the future.

Essay written by a second grader at a junior high school in Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture, after attending a lecture
A scene of a visiting lecture at an elementary school, in which an anti-personnel landmine mockup is used to illustrate the terror of landmines.