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Endeavors for the Environment Using Innovation

President Tetsuji Ohashi

Management that Prioritizes ESG

Since the 1990s, Komatsu has steadily worked on "Environment", "Social" and "Governance", responded to social issues through our primary business, and conducted business activities with the goal to increase the trust of our stakeholders. In April 2016, we connected these past endeavors with the Mid-term Management Plan "Together We Innovate GEMBA Worldwide" to strive even more proactively for ESG. Furthermore, along these same lines, we have chosen 5 goals closely related to Komatsu's business such as "Climate Action", "Industry Innovation" and "Sustainable Cities" from the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" put out by the United Nations.
The Mid-term Management Plan's aim regarding the global environment is to increase the trust in Komatsu by working on issues such as innovation in the GEMBA (work site) where construction equipment is used and production occurs, reduction of CO2 and effective usage of resources.

Endeavors for the Environment through Innovations in the GEMBA

With construction equipment—the primary product of Komatsu—approximately 90% of CO2 emissions over the life cycle is generated during the operation of the machines. In February 2015, Komatsu started the utilization of "Smart Construction" in Japan. This is Komatsu's "Dantotsu Solution" which provides our customers with the GEMBA of the future with increased safety and productivity by using ICT technology to automate the equipment operation of construction machines as well as connect all data involved in a construction site, such as geography data measured by drones, design data and work progress. This is exactly an example of innovation at work in the construction site, and makes possible an energy efficient work site—in other words, a low CO2 emissions GEMBA. Komatsu will further propel this type of "Smart Construction" to expand the future GEMBA with excellent environmental performance.
Furthermore, we will promote the streamlining of production at the production sites through IoT. In 2015, Komatsu achieved the goal of electricity used in our domestic plants being reduced by half compared to 2010, and while doing so moved forward with "making visible" the production process by using IoT. Afterwards, this was further advanced to develop KOM-MICS (Komatsu Manufacturing Innovation Cloud System), the system as a consolidated management of production data, such as the operating conditions of the production equipment. Currently we are trying to make this innovation a reality at the production sites at our overseas plants and partner companies. By doing so, production efficiency will be increased and wasteful consumption of materials and resources will be reduced, making it possible to have a production process with a low environmental impact.
In April 2017, Komatsu added KMC: Komatsu Mining Corp. (previously Joy Global Inc.) to our group. Going forward, we will share Komatsu's founding philosophy with KMC, promote the innovation in the GEMBA together, and work on solutions for environmental issues.

July 2017
Tetsuji Ohashi, President