The ICT Construction Equipment Expansion Series

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The SMART CONSTRUCTION initiative unveiled in January 2015 makes use of ICT (Information Communication Technology) for automatic control of the bulldozer's blade or for semi-automatic control of the hydraulic excavator by measuring terrain data and comparing 3D design data with information on the operation equipment's location. This dramatically improves the efficiency of construction, which results in reducing the fuel consumption of construction (decrease in CO2 emissions). In-house testing results show a decrease in fuel consumption of approximately 30% for the ICT Hydraulic Excavator "PC200i-10" and approximately 25% for the ICT Bulldozer "D61PXi-23".
Below are some examples of ICT construction equipment used in SMART CONSTRUCTION which were released in 2016.

Large-size Hydraulic Excavator "PC360LCi-11" *1


This machine is a semi-automatic control hydraulic excavator of the ICT construction equipment series and is a 36-ton class expansion model. It has an engine that meets the North American EPA Exhaust Emission Tier4 Final Regulations (Tier4 Final) and the semi-automatic control makes dramatic improvements in operation efficiency possible, which results in reduced fuel consumption during construction.

  1. For North America

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Item PC360LCi-11
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