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Enhancing Quality of Life - Providing Products Required by Society -

Biodiesel Fuel (BDF) Project

Playing Time : 4min.35sec.

Reuse of Waste Oil from Canteen

Playing Time : 3min.18sec.

Developing People

HR Development Program with Anglo in Brazil

Playing Time : 3min.57sec.
*This film was created by Anglo American

Fostering Career Ideas in Children (Komatsu America)

Playing Time : 3min.34sec.

Support for a construction equipment operator school in Liberia

Playing Time : 2min.03sec.

Support to Female Termers in Chile

Playing Time : 5min. 20sec.

Youth Development in South Africa

Playing Time : 3min.51sec.

Support for a welding school in India

Playing Time : 1min.56sec.

New Life for Young Chileans (Overview)

Playing Time : 8min.31sec.

New Life for Young Chileans (Speeches)

Playing Time : 3min.39sec.

Nurturing the next generation throught "Hanaiku" in Japan

Playing Time : 4min.35sec.

Science Classes at“Kids Pavilion”in Komatsu-no-Mori

Playing Time : 4min.37sec.

Joy of Working with the Challenged

Playing Time : 13min.21sec.

Growing with Society

Development of Demining Machine

Playing Time : 4min.21sec.

Local community support in Indonesia

Playing Time : 9min.00sec.

City Building Plan in Angola

Playing Time : 3min.11sec.

Building Safe Village in Cambodia

Playing Time : 7min.30sec.

KCC's Hands-on Social Contribution (Support to a Nursery)

Playing Time : 2min.31sec.

Disaster Rilief for Northern Chile

Playing Time : 4min.31sec.

Christmas Present to Small Village in Mine

Playing Time : 3min.23sec.

Our activities to help recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake (2013 edition)

Playing Time : 6min.27sec.