2016Komatsu Establishes Asia Development Center: Reinforcing Local Product Planning with an Eye to Becoming DANTOTSU No. 1 in Asia

Oct. 25, 2016

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) (hereinafter "Komatsu") has established Asia Development Center (ADC) on the premises of PT Komatsu Indonesia (KI), a production base for construction equipment in Indonesia. Komatsu has expanded KI's product planning and development functions of application-specific models, optional accessories and attachments, designed primarily for the Indonesian market, to cover all of Asia, and has transferred its authority to ADC. ADC is now positioned as Komatsu Group's Mother development center in Asia.

Komatsu maintains the basic development policy of global-standard models, driving its efforts to continuously develop DANTOTSU products. Meanwhile, for the last few years, Komatsu has also strengthened product planning for application-specific models for Strategic Markets* to accurately meet different needs by country or region.

ADC serves mainly Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. ADC's local employees will play the central role of understanding customers' issues and requests agilely and thoroughly, near their jobsites. It will promote the quick development and launch of application-specific models, optional accessories and attachments, designed to meet local climate conditions, jobsite environment and machine uses.

To solidly establish DANTOTSU's No. 1 market position in Asia, where Komatsu expects great economic growth into the future, Komatsu will step up its efforts in the local development of products and human resources.

[Asia Development Center]

1. Main office of ADC is located on the second floor of KI's administration building.
2. A scene of development
3. Test area
4. A scene of product testing

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